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Services & Who I Coach

Academic Coaching-High school students in their junior and senior year of school, young adults, and college students who are struggling with the demands of school work, extra-curricular activities, time management, organizational and study skills, and preparing for their future. Decision-making such as what is the best road to take, whether it be going to college full- or part-time, taking a year or two off of school to gather some real life experience before deciding. What's best for you, such as college, trade school, technical schools, community colleges and/or joining the work force.
Adults with AD/HD who are ready to take charge of their life. Understanding the unique challenges of your ADD can present on the job, in relationships and raising a family. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Building on your strengths, strategies, communication skills, social skills, establishing systems and respecting each persons boundaries.
Couples in which one or both partners have AD/HD. Seeking to develop an understanding of AD/HD and it's effect on the relationship through coping and communication skills and establishing system and respecting boundaries with each other.
Parents and single parents of children with AD/HD. Understanding AD/HD and it's impact on children in school, in play, and with social skills and on the family. Creating systems for the whole family to use daily.

Fees for Services

$175.00 per 90 minute session to determine if coaching is right for you.
$2,000.00 per semester coaching fee.
$125.00 per hour consultation fee

If the client and I decide they are ready for coaching, I require a three month commitment to the coaching process. The fee of $2,000.00 per semester includes weekly 1 hour phone coaching or in-person coaching sessions. Additionally, I require clients check in with me, preferably, via email or text message 3 to 4 times per week.

$1,000 coaching fee is due by the first week of the semester. The final $1,000 payment is due by the 8th weekly session. Payment is accepted by check or money order.

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